Running a Holiday Home (HH) has many rewards but it can also be extremely time consuming and costly.
After years of running our own holiday homes and also with our extensive travel industry background we realised that there where many owners without the time, energy or knowhow to deal with the daily emails, enquiries, site updates, phone calls and questions that come with making a Holiday Home business a true success.
We decided to launch a central office to help holiday home owners set up their portal pages (Holiday Rentals, Owners Direct etc), take bookings, update their sites, answer emails and calls, organise paperwork in fact act as a complete office assistant at a mere fraction of the cost. Indeed, why employ costly permanent staff when you can outsource to a small, knowledgable company that has a combined travel business experience of over 20 years (most of which has been in the private holiday home sector).
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How We Can Help!

  • Manage / Take bookings
  • Answer Emails Immediately
  • Answer Calls Immediately
  • Update Calendars
  • Update site details
  • Update prices
  • Arrange Viewings
  • Up sell - Add ons
  • UK based
  • Create personal website
  • Organise Ledgers
  • Chase Reviews
  • Liaise with your staff
  • Create Contracts
  • Send Key Pick Up Info
  • Market values
Get the most from your HHO Assistant.
HHO offers two easy to understand packages that allows us as much or as little input into your sales office as you wish. Both packages are based around HHO working as your full time office assistants. We deal with your site, your portal pages, your emails, telephone calls, enquiries and update your calendars. We can also organise your paperwork, keep ledgers, send receipts, design websites, design property information books, create business cards with your property details, create spreadsheets, basically anything that a full time office administrator can do for you, so can we and more.

Decision Made!

Once you have made the decision on which HHO package best suits your needs, our research advisor will take you through a basic questionnaire. This gives us some fundamental details of your property and allows the sales staff to start selling, immediately. At this time we will email you a check list to complete which has more in depth details and helps us to build a better picture of your HH. You will be paired with a property manager, who's job it will be to help and advise you on better ways of monetising your property plus they will be your immediate contact at the office should you have any questions. You may also have special requests such as you may never want to receive messages via text, take calls on a Tuesday afternoon, or be going on holiday yourself for a week and this can all be discussed with your property manager.

Cross Selling

Unlike hotels which have many rooms, when a holiday home is booked, its booked! We therefore offer you the chance to “opt in” to our cross sell list, free of charge. This allows us to offer your HH to guests who have originally contacted us for another property. Please note - You will only be added to the cross sell list if you decide to opt in and guests will only ever be offered other properties if
1. You have opted in to the list
2. The guests original choice property is fully booked for their dates
3. The guests are unable to change their dates

We have also found that there are many smaller short term letting agencies running Holiday Homes in “resort” who are more keen to spend their time dealing with cleaners, maintenance issues, meet and greets etc and prefer the flexibility that outsourcing their office duties provides. If you are an agency you can find out more about our agents packages here

With a wealth of travel knowledge our HHO staff are more than set up to handle your guests questions, as well as keep you informed and offer advice on how better to sell your HH.

Up Selling

As professionals in the travel industry we not only know how to run a travel office but we know how to sell those little ad ons to your guests which make them feel special and not pestered. Car hire, transfers, food packages are all things that could enhance your profits and we are happy to offer them to your guests. Again this is absolutely your choice and your Property Manager will discuss this with you upon your welcome call.
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